Modelling Type Ic Supernovae with TARDIS: Hidden Helium in SN 1994I?

Published in The Astrophysical Journal, 2021

Recommended citation: Williamson, Marc, Wolfgang Kerzendorf, and Maryam Modjaz. "Modeling Type Ic Supernovae with tardis: Hidden Helium in SN 1994I?." The Astrophysical Journal 908.2 (2021): 150.

In this paper we model a type Ic supernova with the open-source radiative transfer code TARDIS for the first time. A thorough code comparison is conducted to another popular radiative transfer code, and a systematic study is done to constrain the Helium mass present in the ejecta of 1994I. We find that only a very small amount of Helium (<0.05 solar masses) can be hidden in the ejecta due to radiative transfer effects.